Apraxia Momma BearAlthough I will always have one foot in the ocean on the beaches of Florida and the other in the Boulder, Colorado mountains, my heart will forever be with my husband (Roly), children (Sasha & Ryder) and friends.

A determined doer, I am always on the go, getting my kids to school and working full-time. I love to cook my family healthy dinners and it all keeps me constantly moving. I am an avid Florida Gator fan, even when we are terrible… but we have nowhere to go but up, right?

I have always been a fierce fighter for the causes in which I believe. Since Ryder’s apraxia diagnosis in April of 2014 (at 2.11 years) it has become my lifelong mission to make his voice and that of every other child living with apraxia heard. Whether it is healthy eating, living naturally or working with a child on how to overcome a disability, I enjoy being fully immersed in my passions. I try not to take life to seriously and live everyday to the fullest.

Come join me on the journey! Let's learn, laugh and maybe occasionally cry but no matter what support one another in the day to day challenges of parenting a child who has a disability. I always say becoming a special needs parent proved for me the old saying, "it takes a village to raise a child." It isn't always easy but it is rewarding.

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Apraxia Momma Bear

Apraxia Momma Bear
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