Follow the links below for grant money, ipads, occupational therapy assistance as well as others. Remember - I am not affiliated with any of these but know these are reputable organizations. Each of them have their own requirements and timelines, follow them closely!! 

United Healthcare Grant

Valid for children 16 years and younger, valid for use until the childs 17th birthday. $5,000.00 yearly max and a $10,000.00 lifetime max.  Insurance Exclusions : “Medicaid, Medicare, SCHIP (which may be called various names by each state), HIS or other state or federally subsidized health insurance programs given to those without insurance or with low incomes.”

As of 2018 the financial requirements for United:

Apraxia Momma Bear

The Orange Effect Foundation

I do not personally know this foundation nor have any experience with them but they reached out to me. I asked for specifics and the following is what I was told. "Our foundation assists children and young adults with speech disorders. We fund speech therapy and alternative and assistive technology. Although there isn't an income requirement, we ask for applicants to explain extenuating circumstances and clearly describe their need for funding. Applications may be sent at any time but are reviewed on a quarterly basis (deadlines for each quarter are February 15, May 15, August 15, November 15). (By- Maureen Stanton)

Occupational Therapy Equipment Grants

MY GYM Challenge America The My Gym Challenged America Foundation (MGCA) is committed to providing assistance and support to children with physical/cognitive challenges while promoting fitness and movement for children of all abilities and economic circumstances with an emphasis on positive reinforcement and fun. This is a great program for children to receive occupational equipment with a $500 max allowance

Apraxia Momma Bear

Apraxia Momma Bear
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